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The Nature Lovers Walk

6 stops • 3km

Level: Moderate Time: 90 Minutes

Start your trek with a coffee from the Mill Coffee Shop or a gelato from Benino Gelato. Walk East down Comox Ave to Filberg Park. The park is home to over 37 species of trees included ancient Elm and Maples and the majestic Ceadar and Douglas Fir. If the gates are open stroll through the park, coming out on Filberg Road. Take a left on Filberg Rd. to Comox Ave. Turn right on Comox Ave and go to the end of the road, entering Mack Laing Park. Head down the trail over a little bridge that leads to the ocean. Goose Spit is to your left with views of HCMS Quadra Cadet Base, Comox Bay, the Beaufort Mountains and the Comox Glacier. Take a left and walk under the Pier. Walk along another 100 feet or so (stepping over the driftwood logs), now you arrived at the MacDonald Woods Boardwalk. MacDonald Woods is a second growth forest. The trail follows the stream bed and comes out at the bottom of Croteau Road. Take the walking path on the left and stay on this as it winds along the outside edge of the park and Croteau Road. You’ll come out at the corner of Balmoral Ave and Croteau. Turn left onto Balmoral Ave and walk along the road to the crosswalk. Take the stairs down to see Brooklyn Creek Fish Ladders. You are now back in Mack Laing Park. Stay left though the park and follow the trail back to the park opening. Continue along Comox Ave and turn left on Stewart Ave. Stroll Beaufort Ave for great views of the Marina. Pass Comox Town Hall, walk up Ellis and finish your walk on Comox Ave – you have earned a meal or snack somewhere.

  1. The Mill Coffee Waypoint
  2. Benino Italian Cafe & Gelato Waypoint
  3. Filberg Park Waypoint
  4. McDonald Woods Park Waypoint
  5. Mack Laing Nature Park Waypoint
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